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           Interior Spring 2001
The interior seems really "junked" up compared to the previous series.  The cabin sides have been cut out for the port holes and the cutouts have been covered over by the Formica lining them. Lots of stuff is sitting on temp work surfaces.  Epoxy & tools in the galley.  There's a water tank forward over the V-berth area which is now full of tools.  In the foreground is the temp access decking on the right.  The center section is out to permit access to the engine room -- the next big focus of attention.
The "head shot" is for Jim Davis who had to see where the holding tank was going -- here it is -- all 19 gallons of it.  The Lavac Head sits on a little platform with it's pump on the bulkhead, and the rest of the head's plumbing sits on a table in the last picture on this page.  I've dry fit it  and glued a bunch of it together.  There's another pump and a couple of Y valves with which I can pump the poop anywhere and probably blow up the tank to boot.  I have used PVC pipe for the plumbing so it will not stink.  The discharge Cock is under the head.  Somehow, I will cover all this stuff up with paneling.

To the right is the galley with drawers in place. Under the sink area is a hole in the floor and another in the hull underneath for the sea water intake.  There will be a Mahogany front and perhaps top as well.  The sink is already made of mahogany ala Tam Flemming.  It's small ala Pete Hill -- I hope not too small.  That's what comes from estimating dimensions from dim photos. The white floor comes out.
Here's the head plumbing.  I hope I can remember where it all goes.  the 20 gallon water tank and it's mate will go under the settees and the big Edson pump on the bunk will be mounted under the aft deck where it can be operated through an access hatch whilst steering (ha ha).
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Gerald K. Limber
Asheboro, NC