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        Early Interior
After the boat was turned an access ladder was made. The platform at the top sits over and outboard of a temporary deck which sits where the aft deck will be. It's a big step to the deck.  From the deck there's another ladder into the hull.
The first thing I remember thinking when the moulds were out was -- "This thing is HUGE inside!"  I still think so.  The cabin sides were installed while the moulds were still in place providing a shape to fit the framework too and some support for the planking process.  It looks like the date stamp on the photo is 9/27/98.  That's about three years into the project and a little over three 1/2 years ago.  I began the process of spoiling that pristine interior by lining the chain locker forward with heavy biaxial cloth.  I cut two holes in the aft bulkhead of the chain locker and installed inspection hatches so I could clean it out.  These were installed too high on the bulkhead and may prove to be impractical. I worked my way back and finished out the mast step space and the V-berth sleeping area next.
The cabinets and book shelves are just about what Pete Hill did in Badger.  There is relief just below the sheer where a conduit will run for wiring. The edge of the berth can be seen sans it's cherry edge.  The top of the berth has many hatches for access to the storage beneath.  A few of the keel timbers can bee seen on the floor rough fit.  After they were installed a floor was installed such that the area one walks on can be removed for access to storage,  plumbing and painting outside of the hull.
This is the arching which will support the deck over the main cabin and the main mast partners.  It is laminated of doug fir and has since been painted.
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Gerald K. Limber
Asheboro, NC