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        Interior Fall 2001
Having finally re-positioned the motor, it was time to tackle the Lazarette.  I was thinking that this area was one which could be finished fast -- just install some shelves and paint. Wrong!
There was how to support the foot well.  How to route the drains.  How to route the exhaust hose.  Where to mount the shutoff in the exhaust system to prevent sea water from entering at the wrong time. On and on.
Here's a look at the aft end with the deck beams and footwell.  The white splotch is where I had painted behind the muffler.  I finally decided I didn't need one -- apparently the Sabb sounds good without and any time I can eliminate a component I try and do so.
The Lazarette shelving.  There will be a 16x16 inch hatch in the deck right above the lift out piece in the Laz shelving.  The shelves are an easy reach from the foot well.  The exhaust hose cut off will be mounted onthe back side of the foot well. To get at the dogs on the hatch and to give easy access to the valve -- there will be an 8 inch port in the back side of the foot well.
The interior is getting more and more crowded with machinery, tools, etc. --  soon the entire shop will be in the boat.
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Gerald K. Limber
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