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Spring 2004

Spring of 2004 brought a bright newly painted hull. The usual dog pee coloring the copperpoxy green – guess it's real copper. I did the deck in what I had hoped would be a nice buff color which I had seen used for the decks on the reproduction of Sultana. The color proved to be too orange or something and was subsequently painted over only to re-appear years later when the paint began to peel in the sun.

Actually, the buff looks great here, but believe me it was not good in real life.

Another pristine expanse of deck. The vent aft had not been installed at the time of this posed photo. The two posts on either side near the side rails were originally meant to be bitts. They were ill-conceived from the start. They never weathered well and I kept putting off the decision re what to do about them. I decided that maybe they could be used to anchor the track for the main sheet block car, but decided that pipe fittings would work better. Now – in 2009 the posts are still there wanting a decision. They should be cut off, ground below the surface and covered with a thick epoxy-glass patch.

Those white dorades again. Thank goodness they clean up with 409 – a little.

Propane tank painted with high build primer. I also put the “up - down” switch for the anchor windlass at the end of a long wire in this locker. The wire will reach back into the aft deck area.

This shows the control box and the rope box closed. The white hatch allows access to manifold fittings which provide connections for the Edson Manual pump. The connections are for take up locations in engine room, port bilge, and starboard bilge. The vent in the corner is for the dorade box beneath it which supplies air to the engine room. The red controls are for throttle and fuel shutoff.

Doors open to show sheet storage, clutch and pitch controls, and a small compartment housing the starter button.

Sheet lockers and engine room vent port.

This is the interior back then. You can just about see the patched of epoxy on the hull side used to cover the screw holes made during lamination of the sides. The white line beneath the sheer is a 1” pvc pipe used for a wire conduit. Turned out to be WAY too small on port side. Ended up using it for the two large cables to the anchor winch.