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  Spring - Summer 2002

Engine control box -- thinking stage.This is what will, after a frustrating amount of head scratching, become the engine control console, rope storage bin, and enginr room vent dorade respectively from right to left.  Because of technical considerations I'm not going to bore you with, it must contain a pair of custom made folding levers to control the pitch and clutch, a pair of mini-grease guns for the drive train, the vent from the fuel tank, the discharge from the electrical engine room bilge pump, the starter switch, the throttle and the shut-off control.  Lots to get in there!!

Companionway and deck boxes.A shot of the companionway with th ebottom board in place.  To port is one of a pair of rope storage boxes.  All of the deck boxes have been made so that deck water will drain to an opening in the side wall of the aft deck.  Plastic tread cut to fit the bottoms of the boxes will keep the contents up out of the water.

HeadThe head awaiting a frame about the door.  The door way into the engine room will eventually get a door to keep odors from th eengine out of the living area. The horizontal ply cover above the head is a cover for the holding tank. The pump for the Lavac head is on the back of the wall on the right of the photo.

Rudder HardwareThe rudder hardware is bombproof.  That's a one inch diameter rod acting as the hinge pivot.  The thing will tear off of the aft end of the boat before it fails.  Delrin washers between the hinge components should help with the metal on metal friction.

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Gerald K. Limber
Asheboro, NC