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        Winter 2001-2

It was a mild Winter in North Carolina and sunny days brought the temperature in the Boat House into the 80's and sometimes in the late Winter into the 90's.   It was bib overalls and no shirt most of the time.

The step in the footwell made a convenient place to put a shelf for odds and ends in the engine Room.  The beams on either side of the footwell have been routed out for wiring which will supply two overhead lights mounted to the underside of the deck.  PVC pipe along the underside of the sheer will carry antenna wires etc. aft from the nav station.

Just a view of the engine room looking over the motor.  The exhaust hose is wrapped in plastic to minimze overspray from the painting.

This is the stainless rudder and exhaust hardware.  The rod is to be threaded for lock nuts and drilled for cotter keys on either end.  Additional pieces to fit over the forward rudder edge have also been made.

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Gerald K. Limber
Asheboro, NC