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Junk Rig Association Information

The JUNK RIG (and Advanced Cruising Rig) ASSOCIATION was formed in Britain in 1980 with the aim of furthering the development of the rig in its various forms, and of creating an international community of people with an interest in the rig to share their experience and ideas for mutual benefit and enjoyment.

Their Address: 373 Hunts Pond Road, Titchfield Common, Fareham, Hants,
PO14 4PB, England. Attention: Robin Blain, Hon.Sec. Tel: 012329 842613

The JRA embraces people with a diversity of interests, giving them the opportunity to extend their knowledge of the design, construction and performance of all types of cruising rigs based on battened sail and/or unstayed masts, and to exchange ideas and recount experiences of practical cruising.

Total novices to the delights of sailing, seasoned cruising folk, famous pioneers of rig design and lone circumnavigators can mix together through the pages of the bi-annual Newsletter that provides the core of the JRA's existence, or meet to try the real thing at one of the Rallies that take place every year.

For the yearly membership fee, the JRA provides:

- A comprehensive membership list enabling members to contact others in their own county or country.

- A bi-annual newletter. (Potential members might be interested to know that the JRA has been sponsoring reseach at a local university into the hows and whys of the junk rig. As they come in, results are posted in the newsletter.)

- Fact Sheets can be purchased for information on designers and boat builders; parts suppliers; associations, ifo. and tuition; publications and books (The JRA has a lending library available to members); advice, information, sources; members with boat building experience; members with cruising experience.

- Newsletters (back numbers)

- Sweat shirts, T-shirts burgees and ties.

If you would like to join, send in the following information below with a subsription and joining fee and you will receive the current year's newsletters, even if joining part way through.

The subscription for the year 2000 is 15 pounds Sterling (including 5 pounds Joining Fee).Members Annual Fee is 10 pounds, if paid before July, otherwise 15 pounds. Payments may be made as follows:

U.K.: By cash, cheque or postal order payable to J.R.A.

Non UK: By Sterling Draft. Alternatively, cash (international currencies) or check - but checks must include and additional 10 pounds Sterling(equivalent before conversion) to cover conversion charges, and for cash add 3 pounds.

U.S.A Dollars: Subscription new member(inc. Joining Fee) by check $34.00 or Cash $26.00. Members annual sub by check $25.50 or cash $18.00.

Send the following information: (CAPITALS PLEASE) Name, Address, Tel./FAX No., Boat Name (iff any),Hull construction(GRP,Timber,Steel,Alloy, Ferro), Home Port, Type/Size O/A, Rig Type, Sail No., E-Mail address.

Mailing address above.

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Gerald K. Limber
Asheboro, NC