The Boat Barn Web Page
Revised Fall 2009

Out of the Barn

The “barn” is gone. It took several trips to the land fill with the truck loaded down with the wood arches from the structure – reduced in size with a chain saw. The drums are to steady the boat after it's set on the keel.

This is the beginning of the time the boat spent in the weather – it was the Summer of 2005 I think.

The keel and deadwood is under the tarp and plastic. There is a small plywood shed in front of the chair. The boat is sitting in the cradle she was built on.

Here's the boat ready to set on the keel.

This is the support for the keel to sit on when the boat is lifted and set onto it. The long boards will provide the support for braces which will help keep the keel from falling during the process of mating the hull and keel. The barrels are for lateral support. Two shorter ones are ready off to the sides.