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Chinese Lug Sails 2006/08/06
   Clay and RABBIT
    Rally Dates 2006  Stavanger 2005
1999 - JRA Meeting Dieppe

The second  European Rally of the
Junk Rig Association took place in Dieppe, France. Member Philippe Gras made the arrangements and the Cercle de la Voile de Dieppe was the  friendly host.
Had a very busy time talking to other members and discussing my rigging plans with Robin Blain. Hardly had enough time for sailing, visiting the maritime museum, eating the very delicious French dinner and listening to Mike Richey's talk about the history of the famous Jester. But at least I managed to take a few snapshots.

Mike Richey's "Jester" Geoff Turton visiting

Clay Everington and "Rabbit"
They made it to the
Carribian Islands and back to GB in 2001/2.
See Voyage of a lifetime

Geoff's "Tomjo II" using one of "Fenix' " sails

The rig of Philippe Gras'  Etap 26 "Taimen" designed by Sunbird Marine Service.
Sail made by Chris Scanes

2005 Scandinavian Rally Stavanger

Kverneland sent me these pictures of his beautifully rigged "Johanna". They were taken by his friend Magne Drangeid.

Rally Dates for Year - 2006

Summer Rally
June 3/4th Plymouth, UK

Scandinavian Rally, date was changed to:
August 18/20th
Stavanger, Norway

Scottish Rally

If you plan to take part, please inform the JRA's secretary Robin Blain:

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