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Newsletter 50

Newsletter 49


2 From the Hon. Secretary Robin Blain
3 Research and Development Slieve Mc Galliard
4 More on Sail Making at Home Slieve McGalliard
6 David Tyler Report David Tyler
10 The Wing Rig and Austin Farrar David Chivers
14 Holy Loch Rally 2007 Malcolm Higgs
15 Summer Rally 2007 Peter Manning
18 East Coast Rally Peter Manning
22 Welcom to the Voyage of El Lobo Mike Perrin and Pat Whittaker
28 Mignonne or Bumble Bees can't fly Michael J. Taylor
31 Iron Bark further Adventures Annie Hill
34 JRA AGM 2007

Newsletter 48
2 From the Hon. Secratary Robin Blain
3 Members News
4 Research and Development Slieve McGalliard
5 Doodles Arne Kverneland, Slieve McGalliard
6 Sail Making at Home Slieve McGalliard
8 Azores to Gibraltar without a Rudder Joe Cousins
11 R&D Stop Press Slieve McGalliard and David Tyler
12 Peregrine Sebastian Hentschel
16 Voyage of Liberdade Joshua Slocum
17 Crew of Liberdade Victor Slocum
18 Book Review Slieve McGalliard
19 Cornish for Morning Star Walter Simmons
20 Tystie, from South Africa David Tyler
22 Mast Scantlings Arne Kverneland
26 The Brunk Jeff McFadden
32 Norwegian Rally 2006 Peter Manning
34 Scottish Rally 2006 Peter Manning

Newsletter 47
2 From the Hon Secretary Robin Blain
3 Letters
4 More on Flipping Batten Slieve McGalliard
8 Aboard Tystie David Tyler
12 JRA Summer Rally Peter Manning
15 East Coast 2006 Rally Report Peter Manning
14 Holy Loch Meet Report 2006 Malcolm Higg
18 Transition Sailing Rig Richard Dryden
23 Jesters Ultimate Storm Mike Ritchie
28 Letter from Mathilda Maurice and Barbara Poissenot
30 The Converting & Refit of Prüveda Ursula and Wolfgang
34 JRA - Annual General Meeting

Newsletter 46 Photo by David Tyler

2 From the Hon Secretary Robin Blain
3 Letters
3 George Chapman
Slieve McGalliard
6 More on Tystie's new rig
David Tyler
7 The Flipping Batten - an update Nils Myklebust
9 Index to AYRS Catalyst
George Chapman
10 An Old Chinese Wingsail
Jeff Doyle
14 Holy Loch Meet Report 2005
Malcolm Higg
15 Scottish Rally Peter Manning
16 Leading Edge Mathew Shehan
18 The tours of precious Dragon
Rex Warner
20 Transatlantic with an AeroRig
Jonathan Snodgrass
25 The JRA Shop

26 Three Winged Falcon
David Glenn
32 How to overwinter in Greenland with Annie
Annie Hill

Newsletter 45 Photo by Fred Barter

2 From the Hon Secretary Robin Blain
3 Letters to JRA
4 Soft Wingsails
Slieve McGalliard
6 The Developing story of DUDIFRENT
John Brown
8 Junk signals revival of tradition in China
Thomas Hoppe
10 Ti Gitu our choice for world sailing
Paul Fay,
'Mo' Fay-Jenkins
12 The Jester Challenge Kingfisher Owners Association
13 How to fit a Junk rig for free Steve Knott
14 JRA Summer Rally Peter Manning
15 East Coast Rally Peter Manning
16 Butterfly of Liverpool Ron and Pattie Atherton
20 The Sunbird Swing-Wing-Rig Robin Blain
24 Eric De Bisschop a French sailing hero James Wharram
32 For Sale
34 Minutes of the AGM on June 25th 2005
35 2004 Income & Expenditure of the JRA















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