I intended to build the Six Hour Canoe but the kids wanted a "real" sailing boat: 
the Phil Bolger designed

Pirate Racer

Boat building with Children


Our building plans came from his Book "Boats with an Open Mind". We made a photocopy and zoomed it a bit. That way we did save some money but unfortunately no time;  we had difficulties reading all the numbers and besides that had to convert all those inches and parts of inches into centimeters...

Some minor design changes were made in order to give the boat a more up to date appearance. 

We stitched the side planking to the bottom planking along the chine seam, with a temporary center form shaping the boat.

After the hull seam is taped, the copper stitching wires are snipped off and filed flush with the planking. Even disabled children can do it! 

One of the problems when working with epoxy is to find small size disposable gloves.

Don't know when I will find the time to continue to work on this page so maybe you'll like to go to Alaska and visit Fritz Funk's Site  in the meantime.